Why attend?

PPP 2025 will be a global forum for sharing best practice in partnerships across the globe. The varied sessions over two days will highlight innovation in procuring, financing and delivering PPPs. It is an opportunity to showcase what is new and different in the market and includes a celebration of the project winners across our three Awards.

Session guide:

Plenary: A larger panel session including keynote address followed by an open panel discussion and/or a fireside interview.

Seminar: A smaller session with a focus on interaction between the speakers and the delegates. These sessions are guided by the results of voting and questions set by the audience.

Boardroom debate: These discussions (for approximately 15 participants) focus on issues that are more suited to an informal and off-the-record session over lunch. These are sponsored events and invitation only.

Procurers’ roundtables: Public sector procurers with live projects or pipelines discuss their plans with five groups of 10 participants. Each speaker rotates after 20 minutes giving all attendees the opportunity of putting their questions and comments to the procurers. The session is reserved for the investor community and for a maximum of 50 participants.

Workshop: An invitation only and off-the-record session focused on a sharing of ideas and experiences. Rather than a panel discussion, this session will be shaped by the interests of the participants and led by the sponsors.

Topics that will be covered over the two days include:

  • Building a case for blended public and private sector finance
  • UK - Learning lessons from the partnership pioneers
  • Rethinking transport in the age of driverless vehicles
  • Turning a corner for bankable deals in emerging markets
  • Market outlook - Latin America
  • How to get the most from revenue generating deals
  • People first PPPs 
  • The next generation of partnerships: exponential technology
  • The rise of the mega deal  
  • How are disputes being managed in different markets across the world?
  • Managing operational projects
  • The global landscape for energy partnerships
  • Market-led proposals – why, how and who
  • The role of PPP in delivering Belt and Road deals
  • PPPs in 2025: What will the market look like in six years and beyond?